production technology in construction

Production Technology in Building and Construction

Construction has been one of the renowned branches of civil engineers that keep introducing the latest Production Technology with the time passing. Pick up a truck, a portable circular saw, a cement mixture truck, a nail gun, a modern hydraulic excavator are being used on the building site. What do all have in common? Of

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affordable housing

Affordable Housing Plan and How does it Work

The term “Affordable Housing” is defined as the need for housing units that are affordable for the people living below the median household income. However, the definition is alternatively changed according to the reputation of the country, but it is largely the same. It basically addresses the need for the lower or middle class of

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renewable sources

How to Use Renewable Sources on Construction

With the advancement in technology, the construction industry is also changing for the better with renewable sources. As such, most construction companies are now focusing on renewable building practices. The construction industry involves the production of raw materials to the construction itself, and as such, it takes an integral part of energy consumption. A recent

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group of people are scheduling a project

How to Schedule a Construction Project Realistically

Have you ever wondered why seventy-eight of the projects go past the project schedule, deliver poor results, and go past the budget put in place during construction project planning? Maybe, it could be as a result of the project schedule being drafted early with no sufficient inputs, hence lacking the direction from the start of

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Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management: Design and Process

Construction Project Design Management is the first prime stage moving towards achieving the goal. It is nothing, but a strategic bunch of ideas, thinking, materials, time management, and processes for reaching a successful line. Project design is an essential term in the lifecycle of the project because it helps to identify key elements and sets

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